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RESOURCES - Case Study - Transition from Quickbooks to DesignDocs

CASE STUDY: An Interior Design Firm's Transition from Quickbooks to DesignDocs

Trade Interiors is a mid-sized design firm located in Dallas, Texas. Trade has been in business as a sole-proprietor LLC since 2018. Their sales have been growing steadily since inception and while this has always been “a good problem to have” - it is a problem nonetheless. Trade has now reached a point in their business where they have more projects going on simultaneously than their current processes and systems can properly handle.

They have a cobbled-together approach whereby they use Excel for managing details of client orders and QuickBooks for invoicing and overall accounting function.

Download our free case study and see how converting to DesignDocs allowed Trade to lessen or alleviate the points of pain they were experiencing using two different systems. See how Trade could get project-level details in a click of a few buttons and run financial reports in the same manner.


Whether you’re doing your own books or submitting expenses to your bookkeeper, accounting is something you can’t avoid when running an interior design business.

Accurate accounting can provide you with practical and insightful information on your interior design firm’s performance. You can use it to track costs of materials and labour, generate detailed reports that show trends and patterns, and easily see how and where you could be operating more efficiently. Ultimately, effective accounting can give you metrics by which you can measure - and adjust - your interior design firm’s success.

Download our free whitepaper on How Effective Accounting Can Lead Your Interior Design Business to Success and see how paying attention to the numbers really can help your interior design business achieve the success that you’d set your sights on from the get-go.

RESOURCES - Whitepaper - How Effective Accounting Can Lead Your Interior Design Business to Success - DesignDocs
RESOURCES - Case Study - How We Helped an Interior Design Firm Organize Their Workflow - DesignDocs

CASE STUDY: How We Helped an Interior Design Firm Organize Their Workflow

One of our clients is a high-end interior design firm in Toronto. They have been in business for over 20 years and over time have grown into a highly respected and influential firm in Canada.

As the design firm grew, their internal organization methods became less efficient, causing a strain on staff time and morale, and resulting in costly errors and unmeasurable lost profits and potential.

Download this case study to learn how we helped an interior design firm organize its workflow.

WHITEPAPER: How to Grow an Interior Design Business

Running an interior design firm is an expensive proposition. No matter the size of the firm, you’re always being asked to invest limited resources in a number of different ways. Determining where to allocate time and money becomes an art form itself. Unfortunately, a lot of firms overlook investments that seem secondary to paying salaries or buying supplies—that includes investing in business software designed specifically for interior design firms. The right software solution can be an invaluable tool, and neglecting to make proper use of it can put an organization at a serious disadvantage.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about how to grow your interior design business.

RESOURCES - Whitepaper - Grow an Interior Design Business - DesignDocs
RESOURCES - Whitepaper - How Business Management Software Can Help Design Firms Stay Organized - DesignDocs

WHITEPAPER: How Business Management Software Can Help Design Firms Stay Organized

Having the right tools to manage your business is imperative to being able to maintain a high level of professionalism and progress. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that running a creative business is any different. Creative entrepreneurs need to be sharp, efficient, and organized to thrive in today’s market—now more than ever. Even if you’re a superhuman workaholic, you can’t do it all on your own. Your design firm is going to need some help.

If you want your interior design firm to be successful, you need to understand just how important business software for interior design firms really is.


There's no doubt about it; the interior design industry can be a demanding one. Whether you're running your own design firm or are a consultant or bookkeeper trying to improve a design firm's business efficiency, there's always a multitude of challenges to overcome.

Fortunately, however, many pressure points can be alleviated with the right business management software. Because when workflows are streamlined and systems are automated, everything smoothly flows from one project stage to the next.

Download our Slideshare as we uncover 7 problems most interior designers face and how DesignDocs can help.

SLIDESHARE - 7 Problems Most Interior Designers Face and How DesignDocs Can Help
RESOURCES - Case Study - How DesignDocs Helped to Add Client Value and Increase Profits

CASE STUDY: How DesignDocs helped to add client value
and to increase profits

Trade Interiors is a mid-sized design firm located in Dallas, Texas. Their growing business and project complexities caused them to change their accounting and project management systems during the spring of 2021 - as they implemented DesignDocs as of 4/1/21. 

Trade Interiors credits DesignDocs, freeing up their time to focus on design billable time) instead of struggling with back-office tasks in two systems. This has allowed them to take on more clients and keep them happy with their efficient workflow and project processes. Trade has increased gross margin and overall profit as a result of billing for previously unbilled costs and hours. The project reporting, specifically the profitability reporting, has given Trade the tools to make better business decisions throughout the project and thus increase overall profits.

SLIDESHARE: 8 Features that make DesignDocs Standout

It can be a daunting task when you're considering implementing new business management software into your interior design firm. You're searching for a program that is strong across two fronts. It has to be robust enough to handle the complex project management tasks of the interior design world, and it's got to give clear visibility of the financial side of things.

Running an interior design business might be built on pure passion, but you need to understand how to manage your firm's finances so you can reach your business goals sooner.

Download our Slideshare and discover 8 ways that make DesignDocs the best project management and accounting software for interior designers.

SLIDESHARE - 8 Features that make DesignDocs Standout
SLIDESHARE GRAPHIC - 5 Helpful Reports DesignDocs Offers


The array of financial reports that DesignDocs gives you access to is one of its most powerful features. As a platform built specifically for the interior design industry, it understands projects and vendors, clients, and profit margins. It tracks staff time and then presents you with knowledge and insights so you can adjust accordingly.

Wondering just what intel you can discover about your firm with DesignDocs on your side? Download our Slideshare on five helpful reports that DesignDocs offers.