Designers build their brand and reputation on their sense of style and eye for beauty and function. Selections are made for clients based upon their needs, space, taste, and budget.

Once the client approves selections and payment is received – it is time for the behind-the-scenes work to begin. A designer’s ability to effectively track and expedite orders is a big part of the back-office work that also impacts their brand and reputation.

Using an item-based system, such as DesignDocs, is the key to accuracy and efficiency when it comes to tracking and expediting your orders.

In this case study, we take a look at:

  • The power of item-based order tracking

  • One system vs. many "systems"

  • The efficiency and sophistication of an item-based system

Download this case study to learn about the benefits of using an item-based system in your interior design firm and say goodbye to the days of spreadsheets and sticky note reminders about vendor follow-up!


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