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Interior designers and interior decorators just like you have started using DesignDocs to improve their businesses and they love it!

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Elizabeth Metcalfe
Principal, Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors + Design Inc., Toronto, Ontario

We switched to DesignDocs over a year ago, and it has immensely helped our business and customer service! Being able to access everything from one place, really helps us understand our profit margins and learn how to improve for future projects. We love that at any moment, we can update our clients on their account details, and products.

One of our favourite features is the "Proposal" which really helps us out during client meetings. While the client is sitting in our office, we are quickly able to remove and add products so they walk away with an accurate quote. DesignDocs has allowed us to use our client’s time more efficiently, allowing us to focus much more on the design elements of their project.

DesignDocs’ support staff is extremely helpful! The in-depth training we received when we first started using the program, coupled with the online training videos and articles left us with very few questions. The customer service team is always quick to respond and help with any issues that arise!

We recently started using the credit card payment feature offered through DesignDocs and love how it speeds up the ordering process. After a presentation meeting, we are able to send a client their invoice, and have them pay immediately, which means we can start ordering immediately. With production times getting longer, it’s great that we do not have to wait for a cheque to arrive in the mail!

We would highly recommend DesignDocs to all designers!

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Meredith Heron

Meredith Heron
Principal, Meredith Heron Design

We have been using DesignDocs for over a year now, and have to say that it has made our business much more efficient. It is far easier to track items, bill clients and pay vendors than any other system we’ve used; and we’ve used many! From spreadsheets to online programs; DesignDocs tops them all! It’s a purpose built application for Interior Designers and it works!

Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Neil Murray

Neil Murray
Director | The House Ministry Limited, UK

DesignDocs has totally transformed our business. The integrated system means that we finally have a single version of the truth through our entire project journey - from client proposal through to our accounting ledgers via project management. DesignDocs is used extensively by everyone in the company and there is simply nothing comparable in the UK.

Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Stephanie Charest

Stephanie Charest, BID.
Owner/Principal Designer, Stephanie Charest Interior Design, Calgary

Since we began using DesignDocs at our design firm, we have seen growth as a business both financially and professionally. With DesignDocs as our project management and accounting tool, we have been able to capture the minutia that would previously slip through the cracks unnoticed, which means capturing costs and expenses that would previously go unbilled. It is such a critical tool for my employees and myself to use daily and the first thing we turn to when setting up a new project.

By allowing us to input all of the vital information in a project, track large orders through to completion and capture every detail necessary, it has made us better at serving our clientele and better as a team by giving us a communication tool to follow.

The DesignDocs Help tab is a very useful and often used tool for us when we don’t exactly know how to do something. We are always impressed with how quickly we get a response and help from the staff at DesignDocs and have never been delayed in a task because of that. I cannot even remember what we used before DesignDocs!

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Grapevine Designs

Sandra Wharton
Office Manager, Grapevine Designs, Surrey, BC

In early 2020, we began looking at software options to allow us to run our business more efficiently. It soon became clear that DesignDocs would fit our needs best. The software is easy to learn and having the built-in accounting functionality was important to us. The support I have received while making the transition has been exceptional.

Having all our documentation in one place online makes it easy for each member of our team, from our principal designer to our accountant, to access the information we each need. This is especially important when working remotely. Producing clean, professional-looking proposals, client invoices, and purchase orders etc. is very simple. I truly enjoy working with DesignDocs.

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Olivia Botrie

Olivia Botrie
Principal Designer, Dart Studio

Design Docs is a huge asset to my business! I have been using it for 3 years and it enables me to manage projects and accounting all in one easy to use system. By using Design Docs, I spend less time on administration and keep more accurate records. Anytime I have had a question, someone gets back to me immediately and resolves my issue. I am able to focus on the creative aspects of design while leaving the accounting to the Design Docs team.

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Lori Steeves

Lori Steeves
Founder and Creative Director, Simply Home Decorating, Vancouver

Simply Home Decorating has been using Design Docs since 2014 and I can honestly say that it has been a true game-changer for our business. It has proven cost-effective, convenient and efficient, combining accounting and project management software into one platform, making it simple for us to access all of our important project information in one place.

We are able to easily create professional product and fee proposals, track purchasing and stay on top of invoicing. This improves our customer service experience and reinforces our brand image. Most importantly Design Docs has allowed us to track and increase our profitability one project at a time. We recommend Design Docs to any design professional who wants to run a more streamlined business with less hassle.

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Barbara Purdy

Barbara Purdy
Barbara Purdy Design, Toronto, Ontario

We have been running with DesignDocs for the past two years and it has helped us immensely in terms of increasing our bottom line, by aiding in capturing all of our costs. But most important to us is the incredible support that is provided, to help designers (who are not accountants) understand the whole process. Being that DesignDocs is Canadian really helps in terms of getting immediate assistance when required.

We would highly recommend this program to all designers.

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Nyla Free
Principle, Nyla Free Designs Inc., Calgary, Alberta

Prior to DesignDocs, we relied on ‘email style’ purchase orders, were behind on invoicing, and hours were not tracked appropriately. After using DesignDocs for eight months, we are now able to offer clear proposals to clients with a visual for all items, which in turn translates to detailed purchase orders to vendors and a streamlined system.

Our time tracking is also more accurate, therefore billable hours have increased, and with the click of a button invoices are generated easily and we are able to remain up to date on all invoicing.

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Leanne Bunnell

LeAnne Bunnell
Principle, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors, Calgary, Alberta
Founder: SeventySeventy Design Headquarters, Calgary, Alberta

Having DesignDocs in my office arsenal has allowed me to streamline my accounting and project management procedures. The system is easy to use and straightforward, it enables us to avoid duplication, and best of all, it is web-based, so now all my project and accounting information is easy to find all in one location! Along with my assistant and bookkeeper, I am able to access all my project and accounting information through any computer and even my iPad.

Since using the DesignDocs program, I have been able to invoice more consistently which has eliminated cash-flow issues. DesignDocs is helping me to improve my bottom line and client service at the same time. The financial reports are invaluable, and clients love that I can show them at a glance how their budgets are being used. My client’s and suppliers receive clear, professional and attractive documentation for proposals, invoices, project status updates, and purchase orders.

I run a very busy small firm and DesignDocs lets me see exactly what is happening in each of my projects so accounting runs much more smoothly. Having my team members take some of the day to day accounting and project management off my plate allows me to spend more time designing and being creative resulting in happier clients.

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Gabriele Pizzale

Gabriele Pizzale
Principle Decorator, Gabriele Pizzale Designs Inc, Mississauga, Ontario

Our projects have grown in number and in scale and we could not have managed without DesignDocs. The system enables us to easily manage everything we specify for a project. We are now very accurate with pricing and consistent with ordering all of which adds up to better results for us and for the client.

But we think the best feature of all is the how easy it is to invoice clients. In a few minutes we can send an invoice that takes all deposits into consideration, and, at any time, we can produce a project summary for the client. We always know where we stand in our finances.

If you want to be organised and accurate with your project finances, and save a lot of time and headaches in the process, get DesignDocs! We will never look back!

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Kelly Margani

Kelly Margani
Founder / Lead Designer, Kelly Margani Interiors, Toronto, Ontario

From the moment I was introduced to DesignDocs I knew that it was going to help my business, but I didn’t know just how much until I got started. Here’s my story. Running a design and decorating firm with three employees and anywhere from 8-15 projects active at a time is complicated. My passion is design – not paperwork and administrative tasks. And yet before DesignDocs I was spending too much time on administration of projects and still not keeping on top of the many critical tasks involved

Sometimes orders were place incorrectly due to inefficient tracking of the latest client selections. I was missing invoicing clients for both time and materials, and when I did manage to invoice it was often much later and more complicated a task than it should have been. I’d spend hours poring over vendor invoices, time sheets, and worst of all memories and piecing together what I thought was ‘close enough’. All of this inefficiency translated into me effectively acting as the bank for my clients – cash flowing their projects and paying the fees that come with that. And I was leaving money on the table, which I would never recoup. And in some cases, I was just paying for our mistakes.

Now that we are up and running with DesignDocs, we are able to effectively and efficiently present our clients with proposals, accept or reject items, and instantly place purchase orders with our vendors and suppliers for the RIGHT pieces. My staff are tracking project time, in real-time, and we capture all of our expenses for every project, every day (not when we happen to remember to). And while all of this is happening, I can quickly and easily issue invoices with a few simple clicks of my mouse.

My accounting team is working more efficiently too. Instead of doubling back, checking for mistakes, and trying to keep up, they are proactively helping me plan for the future of my business. Using DeisgnDocs, they are monitoring trends, flagging inefficiencies or places where we can do better. And I am paying them half of what I was just a few months ago.

I knew that DesignDocs would help, I could never have anticipated just how much. My time is valuable, and now it is being used for more productive, and more creative initiatives. I’m still doing administration; I’m just doing it more efficiently, in less time, and with greater accuracy. I no longer dread invoicing – I just do it. I cannot imagine running my business without DesignDocs, and can hardly believe I did so for ten years. There is no looking back.

I’m eagerly anticipating the changes and enhancements that the DesignDocs team has planned. I am continuing to grow my business, in large part because of the time I now have as a result of enrolling with DesignDocs.

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Eva Healy

Eva Healy
Avenue Design, Toronto, Ontario

My company been using DesignDocs for the past year and a half and we love the program. Having a custom business management program designed for the Interior Design and Decorating industry helps tremendously in our day to day operations – not only in keeping track of our client products and finishes, but also on the accounting side of the business. I love the fact that everything is kept in one program, so that the proposal/invoicing/ordering and accounting process is fluid and seamless. This helps eliminate human error and keeps track of how the business is doing at a glance! By simplifying the admin side of our business, DesignDocs has allowed us to focus more on the design and the client – boosting our sales, profits and efficiency. Thank you for taking our business to the next level.

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Judith Taylor

Judith Taylor
Principal, Judith Taylor Designs, Toronto, Ontario

I was up to my ears in spreadsheets and finding it impossible to keep up with change requests and ever changing project management details. DesignDocs came to me at exactly the right time for my business. The project management and purchase order feature has streamlined my process and I love how professional the proposals look. My clients know I am organized and on top of the details thanks to DesignDocs.

We are now able to give our clients an up-to-date snapshot of their account which gives them confidence, and helps us manage project finances. DesignDocs is the key piece in my toolbox I would be lost without.

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Kate Dickson

Kate Dickson
Principal, Kate Dickson Design, Toronto, Ontario

I have been using DesignDocs for 9 months now and cannot believe the difference it has made to my day to day processes. Everything from time keeping to invoicing is simpler. Once you are fully integrated into the program it becomes such a smooth process from proposal to final payment. And the accounting system means I can check and see where I am at financially at any point. But the most valuable part of this program is the support they give you, not just at the beginning but on an ongoing basis. Their Help Forum website has a very thorough list of topics and if you can’t find what you need their support team will respond to questions incredibly quickly.

Thank you DesignDocs for simplifying my business life.

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Katherine Joy Porath

Katherine Joy Porath
Design Consultant, Katherine Joy Interiors, Newmarket, Ontario

My previous accounting system was QuickBooks, but because I am a Mac girl, invoicing on my desktop was a hassle, as I had to close down the Mac to open Windows. DesignDocs works on my Mac without me having to waste time. Emailing proposals, invoices and receipts is a breeze!

The team at DesignDocs made it an easy transition by guiding me step by step until I could walk on my own. They worked with my bookkeeper to transfer all of my QuickBooks data to DesignDocs. It took less than an hour! Now the billing and recording of transactions is simple and the final invoices for the clients look so professional.

The team at DesignDocs is always there if there is a question. I would highly recommend this accounting program to all decorators and designers!!

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Testimonials | DesignDocs | Best Software For Interior Designing | Krista Salter

Krista Salter
Interior Design Consultant, KMSalter Design, Hamilton, Ontario

DesignDocs has changed how I do business. Although there is a learning curve with this program, their support staff has been beyond helpful. They act quickly whenever I have an issue and help me resolve it asap. The quoting system has allowed me to understand my profit margins accurately, and be able to track all my purchases as I work. Truly, I think that DesignDocs has been a life saver to my business; a designer who knows little about accounting for a business. I highly recommend this system even if it’s only used for time tracking and invoicing.

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