For interior designers, having a system that integrates project management and accounting is the solution to many problems commonly encountered in the industry.

Most designers use a fragmented approach to their business management that involves a project management tool (or even Excel) separate from the accounting system in place.

Having two (or more) systems that don’t communicate ultimately results in misinformation, potential errors, and no solid reporting that includes both company and project-level data and results.

The benefits of the integrated accounting and project management system such as DesignDocs are countless.

In this case study, we take a look at many of the obvious and a few not so obvious benefits including:

  • Client collections and receipts

  • Vendor payments

  • Reimbursable expenses

  • Business expenses

  • Profitability reports

  • Other reports

Download this case study to learn about the benefits of having an integrated accounting and project management system for your interior design firm.


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