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Running an interior design firm that is organized, respected and profitable, is the ultimate goal for most interior designers. Without the right business tools and systems in place, it's pretty much impossible to achieve such success. Be it staff, skills, knowledge, or systems, all areas need to work together unitedly; because business efficiency is the key to profitability. 


A robust project management and accounting software like DesignDocs allows you to stay on top of project timelines while giving you the power to make informed business decisions so you can reach those goals sooner.


Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not! Read on as we delve into 9 ways DesignDocs provides value to interior designers.


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As an owner and a designer, your time can be stretched thin. The concept of only working 9 to 5 might be unfathomable - even with additional hours tacked on at the beginning or end of the day, it still never seems like enough. From meeting with clients and scouring showrooms to managing the business admin side of things – not a day goes by when you don't have a lot on your plate.


With the help of the DesignDocs software, you can reduce the stress of those duties that come with running and owning your business. No longer will you be spending too much time on the tasks that shouldn't take so long. Invoice fields are pre-populated and workroom orders are easily generated. You can even run a time analysis report to assess where and how much time is being spent across projects, tasks or staff members so you can adjust accordingly. DesignDocs saves you time and gives you peace of mind because of it.



Being able to rely on and trust your company data is fundamental to running any successful business. Without accurate data, it can be like trying to see clearly in the dark. You might want to hire a design assistant, but how do you know your firm is in the right financial position to do this? Is there enough work in your pipeline to support them from a project point of view?


By using an all-in-one project and accounting system like DesignDocs, you can always rely on having accurate and exact data at your fingertips whenever you need it. Generate company-level gross profit margin reports along with balance sheets, cash position, and projections, or time tracking reports at the click of a button. With DesignDocs, these questions can quickly and decisively be answered.



While every design project is different, some similarities are shared across the board. For instance, you might always tend to work in the same areas for each client project – bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, principal bedrooms, or en-suites.


Having these project areas set as a default so that whenever you start a new project, they're automatically included, is just one example of how DesignDocs helps streamline your processes. These seemingly insignificant amounts of time soon all add up. With more time on your side, you'll be able to provide clients with the best customer service possible and dedicate your efforts to what you truly love to do… design.



When you've just welcomed a new client on board, you want to impress them from the outset and then keep that sentiment carrying on. However, if the information you provide them isn't spot on, you can prompt them to question their choice to enlist your design firm in the first place.


DesignDocs helps you build client trust by providing precise project financials for both you and your client. Project summary reports show them how they're tracking against their budget, along with a total of all the invoices issued, or anything that is still owing. Your client proposals are exact, informative, and presented in a way that is easy to understand. With all of these tools and more, they'll feel confident that nothing has been overlooked and remain firm in the belief that you're adept at delivering their project on time with a minimum of fuss.



There are so many moving parts to each design project, and with multiple projects running simultaneously, it can be hard to keep track of where everything is at in the process. Without a dedicated project management system in place, you risk essential details falling through the cracks, such as ordering that additional lighting fixture or updating a workroom shipping address.


Another way the DesignDocs platform adds value to interior designers is through its integrated item tracking screen – a simple and straightforward way to manage all of the goods you have in progress across all projects. Each element you build into DesignDocs automatically collects in the order tracking screen. From here, you can see its tracking status, add any tracking notes you want, or see if you've been invoiced for it and whether or not it's been paid. All items are accounted for from proposal through to delivery, and their status is easily identifiable, helping you plan for your installation dates with better precision.



How often do you find yourself trying to think back to a previous project and remember a specific detail? It could be about a particular vendor you used, the fee details for a project, or the details on a proposal you sent months ago. If you're not using an all-in-one business management system, you could spend hours ruminating over it or searching through your email sent items.


However, with DesignDocs, this isn't the case as the platform functions as your design firm's digital library. Your catalog of past project resources is stored in one centralized location. You can also upload item images to your DesignDocs Library so you can easily use them across multiple projects. Sort your images into folders and use tags to categorize them, making your search and selection process more efficient.



Positive cash flow is king no matter what size of business you're operating. Getting those invoices sent is just the tip of the iceberg – you then also need to get paid. DesignDocs makes collecting payments effortless and stress-free thanks to the built-in credit card payment processor. The platform even calculates for you, clearly setting out everything that needs to be invoiced and making it easy to understand. Project financial reports will help you see specifics such as costs invoiced that are still owing or items that have not been invoiced to the client yet. Plus, you can even automatically pass along credit card fees to your clients, meaning one less thing that you need to think about.



They say knowledge is power, and this really is the case when it comes to running a business. If you're wanting to grow your interior design firm, then understanding your firm's profitability not only by project but also by product category, proposal, or vendor is crucial to helping you get a handle on where things are working and where they're not.


Thanks to the platform's built-in accounting system, DesignDocs takes the guesswork out of these day-to-day queries. The DesignDocs platform is built to intuitively apply your data in a useful and insightful way. This allows you to always know where you stand with each of your projects and your company's overall profitability.



Business information needs to be kept for many years in order to meet government obligations. If you're using multiple systems within your design firm, then you have to consider how each platform safeguards that data to ensure you meet your legal requirements.


With DesignDocs, all of your project details and company insights are housed in one safe and secure cloud-based platform. This means you don't need to think about regularly backing-up your data because the platform automatically takes care of it for you. We have your back-up always covered, and you can always access it, anywhere, anytime.


DesignDocs is all about providing business management features that go above and beyond everyday needs. Run your business your way, and allow DesignDocs to manage the administration and accounting for you. Request your free demo today and see the value that DesignDocs can bring to your interior design firm.



Jaime Bako

As Business Development Manager, Jaime specializes in working with small to medium-sized design firms. By helping to implement DesignDocs into their daily processes, Jaime helps interior design business owners improve their firm's productivity and gain stronger financial insights.
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