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Karen Gastle

Running an interior design company isn’t a walk in the park. Whether you’re working on your own or for someone else, there are many aspects of the business you need to stay on top of. Clients can be demanding, overhead can be high, and time can be short.


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Interior design project management software is often touted as a solution to almost all of the issues you encounter in interior design. You might still be wondering just how much you need a software solution.

Software Solutions?

Software seems to have two modes. It’s either an incredibly specific program with one function, or you’re buying into a generic software suite built to do everything for everyone. There are drawbacks with both.


If the program is too specific, it’ll only execute one or two functions. No matter how vital those functions are, this will likely cause trouble for you. You may need several different programs to do everything you need to do! Worse, those programs may not work together very well.


Generic software has the opposite issue. It tends to do too much, and it doesn’t do any of it well. You may need any number of workarounds or even other supplementary programs to get what you really need.


Interior design project management software is the exception to the rule. It combines the best of both worlds to help you take care of the tasks you need to get done.

What Can It Do?

Unlike generic software, interior design project management software is built for the interior design world. The developers understand the ins and outs of life in an interior design firm. It is built with interior designers like you in mind.


You might think this software solution will suffer from being too specific then. Not the case with interior design project management software. Unlike other programs, which are meant to solve one specific issue or complete one task, project management software considers the entire process from beginning to end.

How Essential Is It?

Specialized software geared for your industry, built to help you manage projects from conception to completion, might sound like a great idea. You might still wonder just how necessary it is for your business.


After all, interior designers used to get by without it just fine. Many of them still seem to! Do you really need a software solution?


The answer is yes. While you can get by without it, as many companies and designers do, interior design project management software could be the difference between “getting by” and “getting ahead.”


The software doesn’t exist to make you spend money on fancy tools or gimmicks you don’t need. Instead, it’s designed specifically to help you manage the tasks you’re doing anyway. Need to create an invoice? Do it faster with interior design project management software. Want to run a report? Get more statistics using software that manages projects from end to end and collects all of their data.

A Vital Tool for Today

The other thing you need to consider is how much the world has changed. Yes, interior designers may have been able to get by without project management software in the past. They didn’t have social media to manage or complicated new rules surrounding small businesses.


They also didn’t have the same fierce competition. You have to contend with all these factors and more. Today’s interior design industry is completely different than that of yesteryear. It demands a new solution.


Today’s interior design software is a vital tool for the interior designer. If you’ve been working without it, give it a try today. You’ll wonder why you weren’t using it sooner.


Karen Gastle

As an account manager, Karen has experience working with design firms of all sizes to integrate DesignDocs to streamline business processes, increase administrative efficiencies, and deliver higher profits.
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