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Karen Gastle

A growing firm is what every interior designer wants. New relationships mean handling new swatches and fabrics, adjusting project timelines, and finding unique inspiration to fit each customer’s individual vision and needs.


To keep up with this growing change, interior design companies need the right business software. It includes a number of benefits that align growth with firm goals. Here’s how management software accelerates business for interior design companies.

Improved Organization

A growing firm means more contacts, more paperwork, and overall, a lot more information to process. Without the right system, this can quickly become confusing as invoices, purchase orders, and even phone numbers, are easily lost. A well-oiled system spends less time searching for documents, with the right management software making it easy to keep track of expenses, timelines, and client reports.


Instead of using multiple files and spreadsheets to track different parts of the business, this software stores it all: basic client and vendor information, as well as status updates in one place, following every component of each project from start to finish. This kind of clarity makes it easy to see what stage of the project you’re at without unnecessary confusion.


Must-have features and easy to use tools are already implemented for order tracking, report generating, and fee management. It’s simple to grab the necessary forms without going through several folders. The right management software is a centralized system with the forms you need, whether you’re tracking fixed fees or hourly rates for different clients.

Improved Efficiency

Interior design companies want to spend the shortest time possible on administrative duties to maximize their time on main responsibilities. The right management software makes this possible. With pre-made templates and invoices that only require customization, you can whip through those standard tasks faster and get back to doing what you love: designing. This kind of flexibility to grow as your business does makes it easy to move forward. Replacing blanket tools with specifically curated functions won’t leave you confused about what to do, and you’ll be able to create documents, such as individual reports, quickly and easily.


Billing details are another item that you can modernize for improved efficiency. Put discounts or mark-ups in all at once, which will then apply automatically to future forms. Contracts, purchase orders, and invoices can all be pre-generated, making it easy to finalize worksheet orders, populate proposals, and overall cut down time in this department.


Reduce errors in invoices and build an easier process to create the documents you need to keep your business running. Handling those menial business tasks are just as important for growing interior design companies as the core root of the business. Expansion needs the right management software to grow.

Improved Decision-Making

The right business software meets the precise needs required of interior design companies. Hugely beneficial for growing firms, this management software can pick out trends in income, charges, and expenses, for you to make smarter business decisions.


Highlight troublesome budget issues in future projects to improve and outperform daily tasks and operations. It’s easy to compare charges across suppliers and vendors you buy from with management software. It provides insider knowledge into your busiest times of the year and ordering and clientele factors, using this information to pinpoint exact areas where you’ll benefit from more stable cash flow and time management.


Visibility down to the tiniest details eases scheduling, eliminates duplication, and drives results that grows firms. When you have access to more information about firm trends that point out where to take action, whether it’s revised prices or estimating overruns, you can make improvements in current business practices.


So many tools are available for interior design firms. See what the right management software can do for your interior design company.


How to Grow an Interior Design Business

Karen Gastle

As an account manager, Karen has experience working with design firms of all sizes to integrate DesignDocs to streamline business processes, increase administrative efficiencies, and deliver higher profits.
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