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Karen Gastle

Designers can be inspired and discover new ways to grow their interior design business just about anywhere. Today’s social media platforms have created new and original outlets of inspiration. Instagram, too, is a great place to look.


Featuring architects, designers, home and décor magazines, this platform has no shortage of creative material. Here are seven Instagram pages to follow that will inspire your interior design business.

1. @justinablakeney

Throughout her Instagram page, L.A.-based designer Justina Blakeney inspires designers to “decorate wild” with a uniquely tropical “jungalow” style. Blakeney channels a bohemian lifestyle that comes through in her design and images. Her passion for colour, patterns, and plants are great for any design business looking to incorporate a bohemian taste in their space. Blakeney’s style is about being free and getting a little wild, and she highlights this well throughout her posts.

2. @well_received

Well Received is actually a stationary company reviving the art of sending handwritten notes. Founder Julie Van Daele wanted to bring back letter writing in today’s age of technology. Don’t be fooled by the company, their Instagram is a perfect pinch of inspiration for an interior design business.


Focusing on minimalism, texture, architecture and thoughtfulness, Well Received has mastered the eye-pleasing aesthetic of monochromatic black, white, and grey, with traces of beige and millennium pink. Well-Received’s Instagram page is what décor dreams are made of.

3. @ryankorban

Korban approaches his Instagram with wit, posting spectacular living spaces from rooms swathed in cash to others including a fur hammock. This New York-based designer specializes in retail design with an emphasis in luxury.


With no formal training, he developed his own unique aesthetic of luxury, old-world romance, and urban cool. For any design business interested in bringing traditional design for new generations in lieu of trends, Korban’s Instagram page offers an abundance of inspiration.

4. @pencilandpaperco

Nashville-based couple Benjamin and Gen Sohr design fun and family-friendly spaces that mix modern and traditional elements with a little bit of southern charm. With experience in residential, retail, and commercial design, this duo launches brands, guides home renovations, and dives into a variety of projects.


The couple has a combined background in interior design, visual merchandising, architecture, and store design, making their page a great viewing place for a design business focusing on these spaces.

5. @modmethome

This iconic design magazine was transformed last year with a redesign focused on a millennial-friendly aesthetic. Their Instagram brings insight into exciting and innovative looks for the best in city living, shows stories that capture personal lives, and highlights ideas for great design in other areas such as fashion and real estate. Despite its target, @modmethome has inspiration for all designers, offering both contemporary and urban styles.

6. @amberinteriors

Lewis provides a distinct high-contrast look that’s both energizing and cozy. Her profile is filled with spaces of light-filled rooms, colourful textiles, and natural elements—traits that distinguish and define her. Lewis works to make spaces cozy, eclectic, and unique, with saturated worldly textiles and earthy modern furniture. With a style that’s always evolving, her Instagram page deserves a follow.

7. @grantkgibson

Gibson operates his business in both San Francisco and New York City, but his Instagram takes his followers all over the world. He makes note of classic details for use in contemporary homes, combining beauty and functionality to decorate spaces. Gibson foregoes trends for a timeless aesthetic and enjoys traditional sensibilities in his work. But his style isn’t constrained there. He posts playful and fresh designs that at times border on the whimsical. For any dog lovers, his Instagram also includes naturally lit shots of his pup.


Interior design can have its own complications, but inspiration shouldn’t be one of them. With these Instagram pages, you’ll be sure to get the wheels turning.


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