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In the world of online marketing, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of using social media to organically grow awareness for your business. Interior design firms are no exception. These days clients are turning to platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, recommendations and advice. It’s easy to consider these platforms as merely places to engage socially, but they are also powerful databases and search engines that can be leveraged by your firm for valuable research and referrals. 


In this post, we want to share 5 ways your firm can increase its social media presence and take full advantage of this inexpensive marketing tool.


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1. Know your target audience

A large follower count can seem like the best indicator of future success, however, a small audience consisting of ideal clients is far more valuable than a large, diverse audience. When planning your social media content, it's important to know your target audience inside and out. Becoming familiar with their online habits and interests will help you create content that will resonate with them. Consider what a potential client may need to know in order to make an informed decision, what questions they may have and what social proof they will be looking for. Content that feels as though it was made specifically for your ideal client will be more likely to draw engagement.



It’s easy to get swept up in content creation and forget the main function of social media, connecting with others. It is just as crucial to continually engage with the content of your followers and other companies as it is to create relevant content. As a rule of thumb, begin by responding to and reciprocating any engagement your own content has received. Reward followers who frequently engage with your content by showing a similar interest in their own content. Next you can focus on expanding your audience by seeking out other ideal clients. Research brands with a similar audience and relevant hashtags to find ideal clients who are not yet following you. Engage with their content and they will likely reciprocate.


3. Experiment with social media trends

Social media is ever evolving so it’s vital you keep up to date with current trends, such as the demand for short-form video content (e.g. Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok). By regularly checking in on trending audios, hashtags and pop culture references, you can ride the wave of popularity to get your content in front of a wider audience. Be careful, however, not to lose sight of what your target audience will find most appealing. By following other interior design firms, you can stay on top of trending topics within your industry.


4. Stay true to your brand

Social media users can smell insincerity a mile off. While following trends can help you reach new accounts, it's vital your content stays true to your firm’s brand and brand voice. A thorough understanding of your firm’s unique selling point will help your content stand out amongst a sea of competitors. Again, keeping your target audience front of mind will help you create content that both resonates with your ideal client and feels authentic. 


5. Make the time to create consistency

If you want social media to be a source of consistent leads, you need to be consistent with your social media marketing. Set aside time to plan content, research current trends and, most importantly, expand your current audience through engagement. While it is easy to let marketing slip to the bottom of your to-do list, as you focus on service delivery, don’t let it! DesignDocs project management and accounting software can help take some of the load off your plate, leaving you more time to focus on leveraging and building your social media presence.

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Jaime Bako

As Business Development Manager, Jaime specializes in working with small to medium-sized design firms. By helping to implement DesignDocs into their daily processes, Jaime helps interior design business owners improve their firm's productivity and gain stronger financial insights.
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