Jaime Bako

You became a designer because you find joy in being creative and finding new solutions to common challenges. As a designer, using your creative talents has never been an issue. No, the issue lies in all the back-end office tasks related to a design project.


Every designer will face at least one (if not all) of these 5 common struggles at some point in their career. These struggles don’t define you as a designer, and they don’t have to diminish your love for your work, if you can effectively manage yourself and the project when they come up. Here’s a list of 5 struggles every designer faces in their career.


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1. Staying Organized

When you have multiple projects on your plate, organization is key. How can you avoid missing deadlines or worrying about back-end office tasks and finances without pulling focus from your design work? By investing in a software, like DesignDocs cloud-based software, that can help you track all the essential functions which will need to be completed throughout the project timeline. Having one central hub for all project-related and business information, will help you stay ahead of any potential mishaps so you and your clients can have peace of mind.


2. Maintaining Client Expectations

The easiest way to maintain a good working relationship with your clients is to manage expectations with clear communication. Good communication is essential for nurturing a positive working relationship with your clients and your team. Setting up proper expectations regarding budgets and extended timelines shows your clients respect and appreciation for the time and money they’ve invested in you as their designer.


3. Handling Invoices and Payments

Let’s be honest, if you wanted to spend your time tracking receipts, you’d have become an accountant. Like you, many designers find themselves overwhelmed by the day-to-day work of tracking orders and receipts, following up invoice payments and matching purchase orders to projects. DesignDocs software helps designers minimize these annoyances by handling anything from project invoices to purchase orders, so you’re not playing the catch up game! By making it easier for you and your team to manage finances, DesignDocs lets you get back to what you love most - designing!


4. Managing Client Relationships

Everyone loves working with that “dream” client where the process of working together is a breeze. These “match made in heaven” relationships don’t happen by accident, they’re due to transparent communication and trust. Show appreciation and respect for your client’s wants and needs and you will have a successful working relationship. Remember you both have the same goal, a beautifully designed space, and approach each project as a team effort.


5. Personal Breaks

When you’re in the midst of juggling projects, it can be difficult to step away and take time for yourself. Your passion for your work is obvious, but break to recharge is just as important as the other elements of the design process. Incorporating personal time into your schedule promotes self-care, helping with your mental well-being and allowing you to jump back in with a clear and creative mind.





Jaime Bako

As Business Development Manager, Jaime specializes in working with small to medium-sized design firms. By helping to implement DesignDocs into their daily processes, Jaime helps interior design business owners improve their firm's productivity and gain stronger financial insights.
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