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If you want to see a change in your business – whether growing your client portfolio, increasing profits, or adding to your team – you'll likely have to make a few adjustments. An excellent place to start is looking closely at how your business functions at an operational level. What tools are you utilizing, what software programs are you running, and how can you further streamline your internal processes to allow for this growth and success?


If you're considering implementing a new business management system, but the very thought of it seems overwhelming or daunting, you don't need to worry! With a skilled and proficient team right by your side to provide support during the initial transition and throughout your journey, you can relax knowing that you're never alone.


At DesignDocs, client support is paramount because we don't succeed unless you succeed. Our purpose is to provide you with business management tools to help run your interior design firm like a well-oiled machine - streamlined and efficient; a big part of this is ensuring you and your team have the necessary resources and training. Read on as we discuss four ways that DesignDocs helps our members succeed.


DesignDocs Case Study - Interior Design Firm Profitability - Building Blocks to the Big Picture


Not everyone likes to work the same way, and at DesignDocs, we get that. That's why we offer several different support options that cater to all working styles:

  • A complimentary personal coaching session during your first month as a member – We get things off to a solid start with a free private coaching session when you join DesignDocs. It is tailored to your design firm's specific needs, equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and proficiency to ensure you get the best out of the software and take full advantage of all the features. 
  • Personalized 1:1 training (either individual or for the whole team) and implementation advice – If you're looking for further tailored instruction or guidance, our personalized one-on-one training sessions are scaleable to accommodate individuals or bigger teams. We can also offer best practice tips on embedding DesignDocs into your firm such as importing existing vendor lists. Or, if you’re looking for some more hands-on help, we can refer you to one of our implementation partners who work specifically as bookkeepers and accountants well versed in DesignDocs (read more about this in point two).
  • Monthly live Q&A support sessions – These one-hour, live, online Zoom sessions are a great opportunity to work through any questions you have about using DesignDocs. Members are asked to submit inquiries in advance, and all attendees can watch first-hand as one of our support specialists works through the system to answer them. All support sessions are video recorded and uploaded to our Knowledge Base after the event so members can view them and refer back to them anytime.
  • Unlimited online support – Our Knowledge Base is a treasure-trove of helpful articles, videos, and documentation that will help you to get the most out of the software. Easily search for your query or browse our frequently asked questions, troubleshooting topics, or system categories. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, you can submit a support request through this portal, and a DesignDocs team member will respond as soon as possible.
  • Facebook group - This members-only group allows designers to connect with other design industry professionals. We encourage everyone to share their tips and experiences so our online community can learn from each other. We also use the group to communicate new feature releases and to keep members updated on upcoming events and group support sessions.
  • Tuesday Tips – Our weekly Tuesday Tips are bite-sized chunks of software info that you may or not know. They make it easy to stay up to speed with the features of DesignDocs that can make your life as a designer easier and help you run a successful business.


Managing an interior design firm is no easy feat. With many different moving parts, staying on top of the books isn't always a straightforward process. 


If you're feeling perplexed or are just looking for some added confidence in how you're handling the financial side of the business, DesignDocs can help. We partner with accounting professionals in Canada and the U.S. that specialize in the interior design industry and are proficient in DesignDocs. They support our designers on all things DesignDocs and tackle all sides of accounting - from monthly bank reconciliations to yearly taxes, reviewing Balance Sheet account balances, income statement expense lines, and everything in between. 


These expert bookkeepers can also help transition your firm to DesignDocs from other systems. So, suppose you're currently using non-industry-specific accounting software such as Quickbooks. In that case, these partners can aid in the task of moving all your accounting and financial information over. They'll help you to get set up correctly and have you up and running in no time.


Furthermore, if you're looking for more regular and ongoing help, we also have local partners in Toronto who can help designers with everyday tasks such as invoicing and vendor payments. 



How confident are you that if your internal servers and systems crashed, you could quickly recover the lost files and get everything back up and running again? Business continuity is crucial when operating a successful company - it keeps clients happy and the cash flowing. The last conversation you want to have with a client mid-way through their project is to tell them you've lost all their project information, such as proposed and approved items, purchase orders, and tracked time.


As a DesignDocs user, you will never have to have this conversation. We support our members by professionally managing, securely storing, and routinely backing up all your data. There are no additional costs for this service, as it's included in both of our subscription plans.


All our member's data is backed up and stored on a remote cloud-based server with multiple layers of security for added protection. If disaster strikes, your team could access project and company information no matter where they are – all they need is an internet connection and to log in as usual.


Also, our tactic of continuously archiving the entire DesignDocs database means that we can restore all files at any point within a 7-day rolling window. We do a full backup of all data twice a day and make a duplicate copy before moving it and storing it safely in a separate geographic location. 


Ultimately, we take all these steps to support your firm's operations in the event of a technological disaster. It's all part of our service and the value we deliver in protecting and safeguarding your data, so you don't have to worry about it. 


To learn more about the security and backup measures in all areas of DesignDocs, check out this blog post.



As a community-driven organization, we take feedback from our members seriously. We have an open-door policy and encourage all users to send us their ideas for improvements or new features they'd like to see added. These suggestions go straight to our development team and are included in the request queue. 


Development requests are prioritized by the benefit and value they will bring to the DesignDocs community as a whole. Once tried, tested, and launched, we send a new feature release email to all members so that everyone is aware of the changes and can use them to their advantage. We always group these new features so as not to bombard members with email updates. 


One of the best things is that there is no need for DesignDocs users to download a new version of the software or run any updates themselves. New features are immediately available the next time you log in, without any extra work required. Simple, straightforward support every step of the way.



Jaime Bako

As Business Development Manager, Jaime specializes in working with small to medium-sized design firms. By helping to implement DesignDocs into their daily processes, Jaime helps interior design business owners improve their firm's productivity and gain stronger financial insights.
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