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Karen Gastle

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It’s no secret that accounting is most designers’most dreaded task. Unfortunately, this pain point is essential to keeping your business afloat and on track to success.


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With today’s technology and variety of software available, you no longer haveto stress over using generic accounting programs, and you can find a solution tailored to ease interior design bookkeeping. With accounting software for interior designers, you may still not like this part of the job, but at least it’ll be easier to get the work done.

Seamless Integration

Accounting software for interior designers eases the bookkeeping process by combining all parts of your business in one spot for easy management and tracking. Reduce the stress of tracking invoices and billing in one program andmanaging vendor orders in another, by integrating all this information in one software system.


Using several different programs to manage different aspects of the business is not only timeconsuming, it’s frustrating. And it can get complicated fast. There’s constant movement of data, which can result in duplicated data entry and errors. Interior design management software presents a holistic approach to tackle accounting, estimates, and invoices in one spot.


Stay organized with business management software to manage all facets of your business. Avoid redundancies and other problems with an end-to-end management system.With a one-size-fits-all solution to cover the specific needs and peculiarities of your business, you’ll have better control managing your books.


This kind of integration will free up more time to work on designing and managing projects. You won’t have to spend the majority of your days, nights, and weekends on administrative tasks.

Improved Business Visibility

Numbers are everything in business, and you need to track success with a system that makes sense and provides an understanding for better business decisions. Integrating all aspects of your firm in the same software allows for better data collection in your business. This can reveal trends such as ordering, busy times of the year, and different clientele factors. You can better analyze the fee structure and gain clearer insight into the way you do business.


Accounting software for interior designers provides better information and insight regarding the workings of your design firm, allowing you to hit those profitability goals for mark-up control and discounts of items sold to clients.


An improved tracking system for invoices, payments, and expenses will ease your daily operations and cash flow. With this data, interior design software can work to increase your firm’s success rate.


Being able to see the workflow so plainly mapped out in front of you also provides an understanding to where redundancies can be eliminated and business processes improved for overall effectiveness. With relevant data right in front of you, you’ll have a visualized workflow that breaks down your process into the tiniest details, so you can analyze every aspect.

Accessibility and Simplification

Even with specific software to your industry, it still takes time to learn, train staff, and gain an overall understandingof functions. You want software that’s easy to use, intuitive, and makes accounting a breeze.


Accounting software for interior designers offers it all: a sound process and the right tools to manage your firm. Order tracking, managing fixed and hourly fees, providing custom workroom orders, and gaining access to project levels can all be managed within this design software. Reports that previously took all day to build can now be exported with a simple click.


Don’t get overwhelmed by the blanket tools on the market, particularly the generic programs that don’t work for you. Look at tools interior designers use. With so many currently available within the interior design business, you won’t be stuck customizing a general software platform to your unique needs. Accounting software for interior designers is accessible for all aspects of your industry, making estimating, ordering, invoicing, and project reporting easy to handle.


How Business Management Software Can Help Design Firms Stay Organized

Karen Gastle

As an account manager, Karen has experience working with design firms of all sizes to integrate DesignDocs to streamline business processes, increase administrative efficiencies, and deliver higher profits.
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