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Karen Gastle

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Accounting software for interior designers leaves many stressed, confused, and feeling unable to accomplish with what they feel the software was supposed to do. Many interior designers want a business system that’s easy to use and covers core operations, without the intimidating tone accounting tends to include.

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To solve these concerns and ease fears, DesignDocs has the solution for you.

What Is Interior Design Accounting Software?

Interior design accounting software is designed specifically for this industry. It understands the particular needs and integrates all of the necessary features in one easy system to get the job done. Generic software is often useless because it lacks key features, and is not as easy to use as the ads lead many to believe.


Unlike regular accounting software, this software is specialized to make bookkeeping easier. When looking for this kind of software, it should include a number of different features. Financial management is a must have to handle the basic requirements of your business needs, maintain an end-to-end system, lower duplicate data entry, and easily generate company reports (both project and financial,) as needed. It should include mobile services, allowing you to update your files and servers from wherever you are, instead of being halted until you reach a desktop.


Cloud-based software is an additional perk that allows you to install the software and remain updated on every machine, providing convenience for everyone that uses it. Other benefits include tax help, managing invoices and deposits, and expert customer service to make accounting duties as stress-free as possible.


Accounting software for interior designers is a worthwhile investment for personal sanity and the future of your business. Interior designers need a software that meets all of their requirements–not just a few of them.

How Does It Help?

Accounting software for interior designers helps in a number of ways, providing so many benefits specific to this industry. It manages order tracking: The supply chain of goods is crucial to delivering projects on time without delay or unnecessary price increases. It helps manage workroom orders, reducing the number of emails and errors, generating special POs so you know materials are being received from other suppliers, and showing the materials, images and app instructions, with any other specifics necessary to confirm.


With so many steps in each individual project, you want an automatic tool to keep every stage of the order flowing. Interior design accounting software should track fees and billing to save time and provide a centralized system that allows for easy addition of expenses and other payments as the project continues. Managing fixed and hourly fees should be an option the software can handle, for whatever method you employ to charge clients.


This software works to provide better visibility for margin control, making these elements clearly visible to the reader: control markups and discounts, status updates, and a visual of where the business stands at all times. Accounting software for interior designers provides easy report building versus spending an entire day doing it yourself. With the information already in the software, you just need to select the report you want, and click a button to create it.

We Have the Solution

DesignDocs is your one stop shop for accounting software. It automates your core business duties by providing the necessary documents and tools; tracks time and manages fixed fees to ease the invoicing process and ensure control; and it allows streamlining of daily processes to put everything under one roof.


With automatic data back-up, cloud-based services, financial management, and online and phone support, this software can assist and handle all of your interior design firm’s needs, reducing stress and removing any overwhelming feelings.


We’ll help with client proposals, invoices, POs, maintaining updated records, creating expense templates, and general accounting. Contact DesignDocs and request a demo today.


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Karen Gastle

As an account manager, Karen has experience working with design firms of all sizes to integrate DesignDocs to streamline business processes, increase administrative efficiencies, and deliver higher profits.
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