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Karen Gastle

Trends change—as an interior designer, it’s your job to keep up with them! One season something’s in and the next it’s out. It’s a constantly changing cycle, and staying on top of it might be the best part of the gig. However, sometimes it’s nice to have the latest and greatest trends laid out for you.


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From Toronto’s Interior Design Show, top Canadian interior design magazines, and some of Canada’s most experienced interior designers, here are the top Canadian interior design trends you can expect to see from 2017/2018.

Mixing Patterns

Say goodbye to uniform colours or patterns, and say hello to mix and matching!


For the lover of patterns and unique textiles, this is one of the season’s interior design trends that may be the most exciting news of the year. Why have one statement piece when you can have several that mesh perfectly? Inspired by New York Fashion week, this trend has slowly been popping up in Canadian design magazines for the past few months.


Try something new and spice up any bedroom or living room with different bright colours and bold patterns.

Statement Side Tables

Most of the time, side tables blend in with the rest of a bedroom and we forget they’re even there. They serve a purpose—holding alarm clocks and late-night glasses of water—so why put too much focus on them?


Well, that’s no longer the case!


The bedroom side table is the perfect place to showcase something unique and attention grabbing. Whether is a retro design or bold colour, explore the world of side tables that are less conventional and more conversational.

Artful Rugs

IDS (the Interior Design Show in Toronto) has a bold prediction for rugs this season, and it’s something we can all get on top of. Rugs that blend into the floor are on the way out, while artful and unique rugs are on the way in!


Instead of opting for a plain and simple rug, try something with a different texture, complex patterns, and bright colours. Top designers are also beginning to play with new sizes, like rugs that fill an entire room or bold but smaller rugs in front of the kitchen sink. Whatever the rug, don’t conform: be brave, be bold!

Navy, Not Black

Forget black. Navy is one of the hottest interior design trends coming up this season.


Perfect for kitchen cabinets, living room throw pillows, or statement curtains, navy blue is the perfect colour for any room and any piece of furniture.


Not only does navy pair effortless with almost any colour scheme, it also brightens up rooms without making them feel small (because we all know black sometimes does). Impress your clients and grow your business by adding this beautifully blue design trend into your portfolio.

Custom Artwork

While it’s all too easy to run to HomeSense and grab a painting off the shelf, mass-produced artwork that holds no story isn’t what’s hot for 2017/2018. In fact, it’s just the opposite.


Handmade, custom décor with history and a story holds much more value than something someone next door may have too. Purchasing art and décor from local designers and artists is a must for the upcoming year.


Plus, with websites like Etsy, the trend is easy to get a hold on. From paintings to hand-blown glass vases, explore the world of custom creations.


Your clients will love the stories behind each piece and adore the extra care you took to find something lovely and local.

Give Them a Try!

Impress your clients by trying any of these interior design trends as soon as you can!


You’ll love the new challenge and your clients will love the look of their new and improved living spaces.


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Karen Gastle

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