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Karen Gastle

Today, finding inspiration is easy thanks to social media and the internet. However, this makes it all too easy to forget about some of the best places interior designers can turn to for inspiration: books! Whether it’s a classic on design principles or the latest page-turner on the trends of this decade, books are an endless source of guidance and inspiration.


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If you’re looking to fill your bookshelf with pages of design gold, we’ve compiled some of the best interior design books that will kick-start your interior design business and offer timeless inspiration. Keep reading to find the perfect book to curl up with this afternoon and get the creative juices flowing.

Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style (Mark D. Sikes)

After reading this instant classic, you’ll want every colour scheme you design to be white and blue, forever! Mike D. Sikes, known as the king of classic home design, shares some of his favourite design tips and tricks for the modern home.


For many interior designers, incorporating the classics into modern design can be difficult. However, Beautiful provides countless examples of classic design with a wonderfully contemporary twist.

With handwritten notes from the author himself, diving into this book will make you feel as though you’ve picked up a personal diary filled with design secrets, easily making it one of the best interior design books on the market.

Decorating: The Way I See It (Markham Roberts)

While some designers are known for a signature look, Markham Roberts is just the opposite: He’s known for his ability to design within any style. Whether it’s combining bold colours with inventive patterns or integrating classic styles into a modern look, Roberts creates interiors that are known to be the definition of chic!


Decorating: The Way I See It is structured exactly how Roberts takes on a project, creating a step-by-step guide for readers through the design process all the way to furniture selection. To tie it all together, he puts the entire design puzzle together by showcasing examples from his own home, a contemporary and comfortable gentleman’s farmhouse.


With over 350 photographs from over forty design projects, this book is perfect for anyone looking for one book that covers almost every design question.

Carrier and Company: Positively Chic Interiors (Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller)

If you’re working with a client who’s got an eye for sophisticated style, this book is an absolute must read for you! Whether it’s a beach house in Florida or a loft in upper Manhattan, this collection includes looks from just about any design scenario, making it one of the most versatile and best interior design books.


While it can be tricky inviting a refined touch to modern spaces, Carrier and Miller share some of their greatest secrets for keeping things timeless and fresh all at once. Additionally, this renowned duo perfectly infuses the personality of their eclectic clients into any room of the house, and they share some of their insights as to how you can impress your clients, too.

Why Read Design Books?

These books act as a starting point. There are dozens more to read; these are just some of the best interior design books you can start with. Once you read one, you’ll find yourself reaching for another. But why is it important to read interior design books?


Many designers are willing to share their design secrets—but only under a hardcover. In fact, the information isn’t limited to design techniques; some even include best practices for running a successful design firm. Many of these tips and tricks aren’t online; the only place you can find them is within books. Don’t limit your design ability or the success of your business. Get reading these best interior design books today!


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