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Karen Gastle

As interior designers, your job is to make your clients’ visions come to life. Starting with virtually nothing, you create living spaces that are both beautiful and functional. This takes an amazing amount of creativity.

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With a career so heavily influenced by changing trends and creative minds, sometimes managing the backend of a business can feel like it’s taking away from your artistic mojo. Instead of leafing through design books or Pinterest pages, you’re managing purchase orders and tracking time.


In many ways, working with interior design business software can help you focus on what’s important: thinking creatively. Keep reading to see how interior design business software can actually make you more creative.

Better Use of Time

Being creative takes time. Between brainstorming sessions, inspiration searches, and mood board creation, creating the perfect space is never a five-minute task. It’s likely you could spend hours brainstorming ideas for one client. But this means you need the time to allocate to creative sessions.

With interior design business software, project and finance management has never been easier. With all your business needs located in one place, completing tasks that keep up with the back end of your business takes less time and less stress. Proposals, invoices, projects reports, and more are all organized in one space, allowing you to have control at the push of a button. With easy access, you can access the information you need on the go, setting up meetings perfectly and improving your timeline.


With easy-to-use software, tasks that once took hours, now only take a few minutes, leaving more time to get your creative juices flowing.


Everyone knows five ideas are better than one, making collaboration one of the best ways to spark creativity and create a new mindset. With more ideas on the board, solutions to design problems will begin to manifest themselves, impressing your clients, build stronger relationships, and ultimately growing your business.


To help improve collaboration, you need interior design business software. With the ability to have an unlimited number of simultaneous users, your work becomes a team effort, giving everyone access to the documents you decide. Sharing files, images, and inspiration is one click away, simplifying the brainstorming process both in the office, and on the go.


With more ideas readily available, creating spaces and solutions for your clients becomes a simply process and group effort.

Create Less Stress

Studies show that high stress levels have a negative impact on creativity. Trying to think creatively while under stress can keep your brain thinking on a loop, focusing on one detail and ignoring the bigger picture. This can have several negative impacts on interior designers who are trying to solve problems creatively.


What’s one of the most helpful tips to combating stress? Knowing when to take a break. Whether it’s going for a quick walk or taking a weeklong vacation, you need to feel confident that your business will be able to function in your absence.


Working with interior design business software allows you to streamline the day-to-day processes of your business, simplifying tasks and solving basic problems. With business needs handled, you create more time for yourself and creative thinking. Not to mention the cloud software allows you to access all your business documents on the go, so you won’t feel conflicted about taking some time off for yourself.


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Karen Gastle

As an account manager, Karen has experience working with design firms of all sizes to integrate DesignDocs to streamline business processes, increase administrative efficiencies, and deliver higher profits.
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