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Karen Gastle

To make the most of your interior design firm, you need to have the best resources. This includes the software you use to handle the diverse aspects of your business.



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From accounting to project planning, generic software just won’t cut it. You need interior design business software–software designed specifically to meet your business’ unique needs.


Keep reading to discover how interior design business software can benefit your firm.

One-Stop Shop

Interior design business software allows for seamless integration of all the functions in your day-to-day operations. This isn’t possible with generic software, where you might yourself searching through multiple programs for order placements, project tracking, and accounting.


It’s easy to lose track or forget what stage you’re at, which can cause some unnecessary miscommunication. With specific software, you’ve got one package with all functions tracked together, makingproject management a breeze. One centralized system makes information easy to find, files easy to update, and your current status clear to view.


When the back office is combined in one hassle-free space, it keeps your design firm organized to ease overall workflow and project process, reducing errors and mistakes.


The time spent tracking or creating separate manual invoices is tedious, and accounting tasks need to be balanced alongside core project responsibilities. Interior design software allows for the automation of tasks to reduce errors in reports, invoices, and other paperwork. It also builds an easier process to generate this paperwork efficiently.


Keep your business on track and allow more time to work on the core values of your firm with reduced repetition of the same duties. Instead of repeating the same tasks, such as entering mark-ups or discounts,do this onceby implementing automatic inputfeatures for use the next time the paperwork is generated.

Improved Business Decisions

The specific software created for interior designers is made to meet the precise needs of this industry. Centralized information allows for software to do the sorting and running of various files—both complex and simple. With this kind of easy access, you can run your business efficiently, eliminating redundancies. If you find yourself constantly doing the same process twice, interior design business software eliminates that step.


As interior design is such a visually driven field, you need to be able to clearly view everything, and this includes your books. Having one program hold all your data allows for a clear workflow, providing a better idea of where your business stands.  With this access, you’ll have a better impression of where your firm’s weak spots are, so you can work on improving overall project tasks and increasing efficiency.


Use the software to find data trends in income, charges, expenses, and more. See what suppliers you buy from the mostand how charges compare across vendors. If you find yourself sometimes going over budget on a project, clear concepts highlighted in the data pinpointprecisely where this happens. With this kind of information, you can make better decisions that improve your design firm’s daily working operations.

Overall Cost Savings

The investment you make now in interior design business software benefits your entire firm in the long run. Most software isn’t even as expensive as you may think. There’s a variety of options to explore, from cloud-based to subscription, at rates that are manageable. With versatile pricing, you can find the best interior design business software to fit your individual business needs.


Scalable interior design software grows as your business does, so it can adapt to meet your firm’s changing needs. This type of access keeps your design firm moving forward with minimal obstacles in the way.Even if design software seems like a large investment upfront, the specific tools and gadgets enclosed are worth the upfront cost. With so many benefits to improving the overall process and workflow, interior design business software is worth the investment.


How Business Management Software Can Help Design Firms Stay Organized

Karen Gastle

As an account manager, Karen has experience working with design firms of all sizes to integrate DesignDocs to streamline business processes, increase administrative efficiencies, and deliver higher profits.
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