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Karen Gastle

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You’ve got a lot on your plate. Between managing client relationships, ensuring projects are on time, and putting out other fires that come up… you’ve got a lot to look out for and records to track. There’s an easy answer solution to this problem, and it’s by using accounting software for interior designers. Keep reading and discover how this specific software will improve how you run your business.

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Unlike generic software, accounting software for interior designers is tailored specifically for this industry, so it has all the necessary requirements to handle your specific accounting needs. It reduces the stress of referring to multiple spreadsheets and documents to track all accounting aspects of the business in one software program. This account software presents a less complicated approach to tackle estimating, orders, billing, and invoicing, by integrating all of these features together.


You’ll stay organized and spend less time worrying about tracking your fixed fees for one client but hourly rates for another. This centralization combines all aspects to even generate accounting reports at the click of a button, so you no longer have to spend hours creating one. Find pre-made templates for invoices and purchase orders ready to personalize for your business use. Avoid getting lost or sifting through multiple sheets when everything is seamlessly integrated to ease the searching process and free up time to work on projects.

Collect Better Data, Make Better Decisions

Interior designers want a system with everything so they can use the data and improve their current processes to make better business decisions. With all of the accounting aspects in one software working specifically for this business, you’ll find it easy to see how your business is doing and analyze areas for improvement.


Accounting software for interior designers reveals trends such as busy times of the year, ordering, and clientele factors to start. With this kind of insight, you can pinpoint exact areas that need tweaking, ease cash flow concerns, and implement a smoother process with better time management. Clear insight will give you a better understanding of the way your company works, allowing you to hit your profitability goals for project, mark-up control, and item discount.


Generic software is just that—generic, so it isn’t designed with your specific needs in mind. Let interior design accounting software provide a visualized workflow, down to the tiniest details, to improve your business. With less redundancy, ease in scheduling, and a clear outline of work, you’ll make better decisions and achieve those desired results. Interior design accounting software works to help you.

Easy Access

Accounting software for interior designers presents must-have features and a sound process with easy-to-use tools. Existing functions manage ordering tracking, report generating, fee management, and provide workroom orders so you can easily grab any form necessary without worrying about the documents being located elsewhere.


On top of easy access to a variety of templates and reports, there’s no blanket or generic tools to overwhelm you. Everything is curated to the aspects of interior design accounting, making it an easy software to handle. This can reduce time spent on data entry and reviewing and searching for multiple documents.


This software makes it easy to grab and find any information necessary. It’s fair to say that accounting is already overwhelming, but this software is engineered in a way that’s intuitive to users in terms of set-up—especially if you’re particularly not tech-savvy. Its combination of multiple elements with standard forms helps ease and simplify those mundane tasks to get them done faster and without the headache.


Don’t underestimate the benefits of accounting software for interior designers. Familiarize yourself with it now and bring it onboard to handle your firm’s accounting. You’ll be happy you did.



Karen Gastle

As an account manager, Karen has experience working with design firms of all sizes to integrate DesignDocs to streamline business processes, increase administrative efficiencies, and deliver higher profits.
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