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Karen Gastle

Architecture is one thing interior designers work with on a daily basis. From high ceilings to open archways, architectural design creates a different mood for every living space. Different from fads, which fizzle out, trends tend to define a decade, remaining relevant and beautiful for years to come.

As an interior designer, it’s your job to work with the architecture of a home and show off its beauty.


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Every year, new trends begin to take shape, meaning the look of homes (both interior and exterior) slowly begins to change. Here are the top seven architectural design trends you need to know!

1. Big, Beautiful Windows

Big windows, including floor-length windows, are becoming an increasingly popular architectural trend. The bigger the window, the bigger the view! This bright trend showcases beautiful backyards and flowing landscapes, and invites in a welcoming radiance of natural light.

For interior designers, this means window fixtures and furniture need to showcase the bright centerpieces—not hide them. While it may take some extra creativity, big windows create the opportunity for bright and clean spaces.

2. Garden Indoors

While plants have been a design trend for years, bringing the garden inside is a fresh new take on the evolving interest in plants.

As the desire for fresh and organic food increases, some homeowners have started bringing the garden inside the home, with a range of different shelving units, hanging baskets, or window-ledge gardens providing the perfect plant solution. Whether it’s herbs and spices or tropical leaves, more and more homes are bringing the greenery inside the house.

3. Open Concept Everywhere

Today’s architectural design has said goodbye to rooms that have four walls and a door. Instead, open living spaces with implied purposes have taken over, thanks to the influence of minimalistic interior design.

Living rooms blend beautifully with offices, and kitchens flow into the dining room. While the trend opens up spaces and makes homes appear larger, interior designers are faced with the challenge of creating different rooms within one living space.

4. Organized Closets

Every interior designer understands the importance of organization, making organized closets an architectural design trend that’s easy to get behind.


From shoes to dress clothes, everything has its place with closet shelving units and drawers. No longer are homeowners opting to simply hang their clothes. Drawer units and floor-length shelves provide the perfectly organized solution for jewellery, handbags, and more.

5. In-Home Spas

Healthy living has become increasingly important over the last decade and has inspired a handful of health conscious architectural designs. More and more homes are being fitted with home gyms, hot tubs, whirlpools, and steam rooms.


The bathroom is no longer just a place to do your business—it’s a place to unwind, relax, and find some clarity. For designers, this means more clients will be working towards multifunctional bathrooms and appliances that help create the perfect place to unwind.

6. Indoors, Outside

Getting some fresh air has taken a new spin as the trends in outdoor living spaces adopt more and more interior styles. Today, homeowners are creating the ultimate outdoor spaces that include full kitchens, furniture, and sometimes even televisions. Backyard patios have become the new living room and many interior designers are growing their businesses by adding this look to their portfolios.

7. Healthy Homes

Thankfully, we can learn from the past, meaning the problems caused by asbestos and lead paint are being challenged with new, healthier interior home options.


Sustainable designs and green architecture help homes eliminate harmful fumes and chemicals, leading to healthier living spaces and fewer health risks. Introducing healthier and greener options to interior design clients is a must!


Stay on top of these latest architectural design trends! Add these great looks to your design checklist to impress your clients and grow your business.

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Karen Gastle

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