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Jaime Bako

"The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what's in or what's out." Albert Hadley, American interior designer and decorator.


This year has certainly seen a lot of changes when it comes to society and the way we’ve had to adapt so quickly to a different way of living. To think that the design trends and aesthetics for 2021 will not have been influenced in some way, shape or form by this global pandemic we all find ourselves in is rather unlikely. Our home spaces have become more important now than ever before, with more time spent indoors, or in the outdoors within close proximity to our homes.


“While no one could have predicted what the world had in store for us in 2020, I'm excited that we are looking forward to 2021!” says Principal Designer Tiffany Piotrowski of Tiffany Leigh Design Inc.


We recently asked three leading interior design professionals for their insights on what they expect the design focuses to be for the coming year, be it colours, fabrics, decor, furniture, or architectural and structural elements. And so here they are; 6 interior design trend predictions for 2021.


Tiffany Piotrowski, Principal Designer – Tiffany Leigh Design Inc.


We love a matte, chalky finish and I think we are going to see a lot more lime wash, clay infused, or plaster wall treatments next year. Some paint lines have come out with DIY clay finishes applied using a putty knife. It's all about neutral texture and depth.


Glass showers are on their way out. More and more, we've been seeing all-glass showers replaced with all tile showers featuring a show-stopping door. This is a trend we are loving - it lends for a more private and intimate shower and it means less squeegee-ing!

GOODBYE GLASS SHOWERS - Design @amberinteriors - Photo @jess_isaacDesign: @amberinteriors
Photo: @jess_isaac

Michelle Lynne, President - ML Interiors Group & Founder - Designed for the Creative Mind


I believe that because the entire world has spent so many months at home (and indoors for much of it), we are going to see a big trend towards a more organic or natural vibe. Meeting nature wherever we are with materials or patterns that reflect bringing the exterior inside...ranging from bold, green, palm frond wallpaper patterns to beautiful wicker elements, exposed wood-framed furnishings, rustic stone fireplaces; anything that would strengthen the human-nature connection. Natural, neutral colors providing the background palette of a room, punctuated with the boldness of nature's vibrant colors to bring life to the spaces.

BRINGING THE OUTSIDE INSIDE - Design Debbie Pratt of ML Interiors Group - Photo Emery Davis PhotographyDesign: Debbie Pratt of ML Interiors Group @mlinteriorsgroup
Photo: @emerydavis_photography


And speaking of nature, outdoor living areas are going to become a trend that sticks around for a long time. Creating these spaces may be a larger investment, but it will provide a return by providing additional square footage to usable space in the household. Screened-in patios with both heating and cooling elements, area rugs that withstand the elements, and televisions will provide families with more living spaces to share (or escape to!).


OUTDOOR LIVING AREAS - Design Debbie Pratt of ML Interiors Group - Photo Emery Davis PhotographyDesign: Debbie Pratt of ML Interiors Group @mlinteriorsgroup
Photo: @emerydavis_photography

Gillian Gillies, Principal Designer & Founder - Gillian Gillies Interiors


This year has really changed how we live. Be it through restrictions on travel, or simply dining out or venturing outside of our bubble; our home has become the real centrepiece for our lives. And into 2021, I expect this focus on home to become only stronger. Nesting and creating spaces in our homes where we can take some time out will be paramount. I think there will be a focus on how we need our spaces to function, how we want to live in our space, and how we want to interact with our family. Whether that means renovating the kitchen because we’re now cooking more than we used to, or creating a cosy den or media room that allows for relaxation in the evenings or on weekends – getting our home design right will be more important than ever.

A FOCUS ON HOME - Design @gilliangillies - Photo @virginmacdonald

Design: @gilliangillies
Photo: Virginia Macdonald


And inline with this 2021 design trend of a focus on home, I think we’ll be seeing less of a desire for open concept living. Instead, a resurgence of separate rooms with doors that accommodate working from home, or schooling from home, will be a focal point. If a Zoom life has taught us anything, it's that doors are a necessary thing! Be it solid swing doors, pocket doors, or barn doors, doors provide both privacy and help to reduce noise transfer. Plus they can add a beautiful architectural feature or colour-pop to any room.

LESS OPEN-PLAN, MORE SEPARATE ROOMS - Source httpsdecouvrirlendroitdudecor.blogspot.com201611lart-de-presenter-lart-la-virgule.html

Source: Pinterest Board - Windows & Doors



Jaime Bako

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