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Karen Gastle

Whether you’re working for a number of clients and you need some inspiration or you just want to remodel your own space, you need to keep your eye on these six interior decorating ideas for 2016.

6. Bring the Outdoors Inside

A couple of seasons ago, bringing interiors outside to patios and decks was all the rage. This year, the trend is reversed: Look to bring the outdoors inside. Patterns are big, bright, and bold, and are inspired by both plants and animals. Remember to use these bold statements sparingly: pick a piece or two and set them against more neutral palettes, allowing them to stand as the centre of attention. The trend continues with pillows and mats made of raffia and other materials that would typically be seen outside—perhaps at a breezy beach house on a tropical island.

5. Mid-Century Metallics

The metallic trend continues into 2016, spurred by an obsession with mid-century décor and the ability of metal tones to bring a splash of sophistication to just about any room or piece with ease. For 2015, popular metallic finishes were warm tones like copper and rose gold; this year, the spotlight is on gold and brass. These two finishes are also warm tones, which can work well with the warmer neutral colours designers are gravitating towards.

4. Geometry 101

Patterns are in and with them has come increasing fascination with geometric designs. Tiles are a great place to incorporate a groovy geometric pattern that references 1960s mod or 1970s trends, in keeping with mid-century design themes. Or, if you want to make the look more 21st-century, look to patterns that incorporate a feeling of fluid motion. Mix your materials to achieve a greater sense of motion. Whether it’s a bathroom floor or a kitchen backsplash, 2016 wants to head back to geometry class.

3. Hygge

Scandinavian influence has long been felt in the interior design community, but in 2016, the focus is shifting to the Danish concept of “hygge.” While there’s no direct translation of this term, it generally refers to a room that evokes a cozy feeling and makes you want to spend time in it. Personal touches, warm colours, customization, and nostalgia feature in decorating trends this year. Look for rustic finishes, traditional patterns and textures, and simplicity in design. Candles and fireplaces are perfectly in line with the sensibilities of hygge.

2. Wallpaper

For years, painting was considered the fastest and easiest way to update a room. Throw on a quick coat of paint in a new hue and voila—new look. Wallpaper had largely fallen out of favour, often considered outmoded and, in many cases, gaudy. It was a look that could date a house. Wallpaper is on the rise, though, spurred on by the interest in mid-century décor, especially 1970s patterns. It’s pretty difficult to achieve the same effect—geometric patterns, classic Victorian opulence, or even ombre walls—with paint, which helps to explain the new obsession with wallpaper. If you want to update a room and bring it into the modern era, think about papering over the walls before you spring for the paint can.

1. Get the Blues

Serenity was named as one of Pantone’s two colours of the year for 2016, but it’s not the only blue shade on designers’ radar. Whether it’s a pastel blue like Pantone’s colour of the year or something bolder, like a cobalt or navy blue, 2016 has got the blues. Update a room quickly and easily by painting the walls or add an accent piece to really make a statement.


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