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Karen Gastle

Have you been hesitant about getting your design company on social media? You shouldn’t be. Today’s companies need to be using social media platforms for several reasons.


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Maybe you’re convinced social media is just a fad. Maybe you’re not sure your audience and potential clients use it. Maybe you just don’t have the time for it! No matter what reason you have for not being present on social media, there are more reasons you need to be using social media. Here are just a few.

1. It’s Where Your Clients Are

Many people make the mistake of thinking only teenagers use social media. After all, Snapchat seems to be populated by teenagers, and Instagram is full of twenty-somethings doing make-up tutorials. Are these people really interested in what a design company has to offer?


More of your clients are on social media than you think! It’s true different demographics tend to use different platforms. For example, Facebook and Twitter users tend to be older, while Instagram has a younger population. Nonetheless, there are people of all ages using every social media platform.


You just need to find your audience. Your clients are likely on social media already.

2. You Can Showcase Your Work

Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube are perfect for a design company to showcase a project or portfolio. A video tour allows people to see your work in action. Pictures posted to Instagram or Facebook might make it into someone’s lookbook. Your work might get pinned to home décor inspiration boards on Pinterest.


As people like and share your work, you’ll gain more recognition and followers. While not every follower will turn into a client, other designers may begin to see requests for looks inspired by your work! You could become known as a thought leader and subject-matter expert by sharing your designs and advice.

3. You Can Connect with Potential Clients (and Others)

Social media makes it easy to connect with people. A design company is most interested in connecting with potential clients. Current clients may be eager to share your work with their own followers. They might recommend you to their friends and followers.


People may also find you as they search for inspiration for their next decorating project. You can connect with people who may eventually turn into clients.


Of course, social media also allows you to connect with plenty of people who will never be clients. They can be influential, however, by sharing your ideas with others. Other designers may turn to your design company for ideas. Individuals will look to your Instagram feed for inspiration.

4. You Can Share Ideas and Tips

Social media doesn’t have to be solely about getting new clients for your design company. While Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms can be incredibly useful for attracting new clients, they also allow you to become an influential and trusted expert.


Through social media, you can share ideas and tips. Individuals may be encouraged to try out some of your tips on their own. Tutorials and DIY projects are incredibly popular. You may not book many clients this way, but your ideas will reach more people.

5. It Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Whether you want to drum up some new business, reconnect with clients, build relationships, or become a trendsetter, social media can help you do just that. No matter what goal you’ve set for your company, a good social media strategy can help you achieve it.


Still not convinced your design company needs to be on social media? It also doesn’t need to take much time. A good social media strategy can be difficult to devise, but you have plenty of material to mine and share with the world.



Karen Gastle

As an account manager, Karen has experience working with design firms of all sizes to integrate DesignDocs to streamline business processes, increase administrative efficiencies, and deliver higher profits.
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