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Karen Gastle

In the age of social media, people are bombarded daily by images of well-appointed rooms and customized living spaces. As a professional interior decorator working for a multitude of clients with individual tastes, you’ll want to stay on top of these 5 trends to ensure your spaces are Instagram-worthy throughout 2016.

5. Mixed Metals

One interior design idea that people aren’t shying away is the use of metallics. In 2015, copper was all the rage, with rose gold placing a close second. While these two warm metals haven’t left the design palette entirely, look for their presence to be more understated as they blend in seamlessly with other metallic tones. Brass and gold tones have supplanted both copper and rose gold for those who want to pick just one. Coloured metals, like black stainless steel and iron, are also on-trend for 2016.

4. A New Neutral

Pantone announced their colour of the year for 2016 to much fanfare: the company named Rose Quartz, a dusty pink hue, as one of the two colours elevated to the highest honour. Many designers predicted a shift to warmer neutral tones in 2016, a trend Rose Quartz exemplifies. While not a “neutral” in the strictest sense, this pink tone can provide a flattering backdrop or a pop of colour, depending on how it’s employed in the space being designed. When you’re looking for inspiration, keep this pinned to your interior design trends board.

3. Florals: Go Big or Go Home

Remember Grandma’s old sofa, covered with the giant flower print? What was old is new again in 2016. Huge floral prints had fallen out of favour for a while—likely because of their association with a particular generation and demographic—but they’re making a comeback in 2016. Whether you opt to invest in a statement piece strewn with a big floral pattern or confine the bold print to some smaller accent pieces, these flowers can add a pop of cheery colour or offer up a more understated connection to the natural world. They also harken back to days of yore, which is in line with other interior design trends for 2016.

2. A Hint of Old World Luxe

For the past few years, interior design trends have tended toward the mid-century modernism or Scandinavian minimalism. The look is characteristic: bold colours and muted neutrals; futuristic shapes; sharp, clean lines. But stringent adherence to the design aesthetic of the Mad Men era has left people looking further back in time. In vogue for 2016 are pieces that evoke the sensibilities of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries: richly adorned furniture, ornate decoration, rounded forms, and opulent jewel tones mark this nostalgic design trend. While modern designers will seek balance between the sensibilities of the minimalist drive and Old World luxe, the craving for very sensual, tactile decoration is clear on everything from pillows to chairs.

1. Think Small and Local

For a few years now, buzzwords in just about every industry have included “artisanal” and “sustainable.” The interior design world has proved no exception as people look to design spaces that are infinitely customizable, reflecting the identities of those who inhabit that space, as well as looking to more eco-friendly choices. The answer has been a move toward artisanal creations—small-batch or one-of-a-kind productions that are made locally, of sustainable or environmentally friendly materials, and support local craftspeople and artists. The local flavour of production and the personal service offered by an artist creating a one-of-a-kind piece dovetails neatly with concern for the environment and the economy. Look for this trend to continue into 2016 and beyond.


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